The Eminence

139 Queensberry Street, Carlton, Melbourne

Carlton is a dynamic and diverse suburb with very close proximity to the Melbourne CBD. Entertainment, cultural and leisure activities can be found side by side with its educational, business, retail and residential facilities.

The architectural design is a collaboration by Plus Architecture and Mim Design, to create a building that maximises sunlight, natural ventilation and views to the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The building comprises 193 quality residential apartments over 15 levels, ground floor retail and on site car parking is provided. Adding to the amenity of the building will be a communal rooftop terrace including a private dining room which will be accessible to all residents of the building.

All apartments have been sold and construction continues to forge ahead with completionĀ anticipatedĀ mid-2017.

Additional information on this developmentĀ is available here.