Abacus Property Group

Welcome to the Abacus Property Group Investor Centre.

We are committed in providing access to the most up to date and relevant information that we believe securityholders require for managing and evaluating their investment in Abacus Property Group.

This section is designed to provide securityholders with access to the following important information:

  • Access to your securityholder information via the registries Investor login facility via Investor Services
  • Up to date ASX and media announcements
  • Access to the Group’s resources page to find and download archives of all Abacus’ financial results announcements, webcasts, annual reports and investor presentations
  • Current and historic ASX prices
  • The history of distributions and tax components Information on important upcoming events, announcements, meetings and payments
  • Contact us or the registry
  • Frequently asked questions and answers relating to investing in Abacus Property Group.