Investment Portfolio

Abacus Property Group holds a diversified investment portfolio of office, self storage, retail and industrial properties.

Abacus' disciplined property selection process maintains a firm focus on the fundamentals of real estate. Abacus looks for assets in major centres, typically on the Eastern seaboard of Australia, that are mispriced by the market which we believe are capable of both income and capital growth. Rental income from these properties is the largest contributor to the earnings of the Group.

Abacus has a strong track record of delivering enhanced capital returns across its investment portfolio through our active management strategies. A number of these achievements can be viewed in the Track Record section below. As at 30 June 2018, Abacus Property Group had a total of $2.1 billion in investment property assets on the balance sheet. This total comprises the commercial portfolio which includes office, retail and industrial assets valued at $1.5 billion and the self storage portfolio valued at $666 million.

A core ingredient in Abacus’ investment strategy is utilising its Third Party Capital platform to leverage our balance sheet capacity and allow Abacus to access and manage a larger number of quality assets. Since commencement of this strategy Abacus has invested with our joint venture partners in over $2.3 billion of attractive acquisitions. Abacus currently has $1.8 billion of assets under management via its Third Party Capital platform with Abacus' ownership share at $650 million. Abacus earns recurring fee income and will earn performance fees if benchmark returns are met.

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